HMRlignan (Norway Spruce lignans)

Chemical Definition

Hydroxymatairesinol and allo-hydroxymataresinol.


Hydroxymatairesinol + allo-isomer-potassium acetate: not less than 90%

Product Origins

Norway's spruce (Picea abies) has a long tradition of use in the brewing of spruce beers where it was used as a substitute to hops for its nutritional value, to add flavour and to help preserve the beer.  Norway spruce is also a rich source of plant lignans.

Product Applications

The dietary lignan Hydroxymatairesinol metabolises in humans to the mammalian lignan enterolactone where it has a mild hormone-like activity. Research has shown that enterolactone may contribute to prostate health in men, breast health and management of menopausal symptoms in women and cardiovascular health in both men and women.

Therapeutic Categories

Menopause, prostate health, cardiovascular health, breast health.